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Throwing Tantrums for Dog Beds

I just couldn't help but chew on it! (My old dog bed that is)


I had this silly couch cushion for dogs, that my human knows he needed to replace & he just kept taking his sweet time with replacing my doggy bed...

I love the fact that I can get a new comfy bed to sleep in whenever I want if I just throw my dog toys out the cot a little bit, we all know we have this ability to 'sweet look', as I call it our parents as dogs and get them to spoil us in one way or another, because well, nothing beats puppy eyes or canine kisses to be perfectly honest.

Now, about a week ago I had to go to the vet to have what could've potentially been a cancerous growth removed from my coat, quite a gross unpleasant experience actually, and the night before I remember hearing my Alpha telling his better half that he promised to bring one of the Dog Box SA® dog beds home for me for my post op recovery.

Well, well, well...Do you think he brought me a new bed?

I only got one of the beds this past Monday, that's right...MONDAY! And this definitely wasn't because of my post op recovery, and I quote "He's a Pit Bull man, how many times do we go to the park & he sprains his ankle chasing the ball down like Speedy Gonzales & then the next day couldn't give a flying Blue bean about his ankle because he just wants to chase his ball again?..."

Thinking that was quite funny, only because it's true, a sprained ankle's going to keep me away from the park & my ball? I don't think so, so the fact thatI'm a Pit Bull is definitely not going to keep me from getting one of those new dog beds, especially when I was promised one.

So a full day of nobody to stop me, I went about making sure that I got my new bed, by hook or by crook, foam & filling, material & fleece were just everywhere. It was quite the spectacle to be perfectly honest with you...

I really made sure that my couch cushion was well and gone!

Anyway the new large square dog bed is great, it's soft, its rugged, I can literally pull it all over the show & I don't get asked "Did you do this?" One of the best dog beds around, and my Alpha decided to bring me a large blanket with it.

If you'd like one of these dog beds & free large blanket for your pup be sure to check the beds out below -




Oh and there's always limited stock on these dog beds. So be sure to not have your pup throw a tantrum on you to get their new bed like I did to my

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