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The Safest Way for Your Dog to Travel

Now, I love a good drive as much as the next pup, especially when we're heading to the vet...

Can you hear the sarcasm?

But if there's one thing that I don't enjoy at all, it's sliding around the back seat to the point where it feels as though my stomach's going to come racing out my mouth at any second.

And then, my human brought the dog car hammock home...

At first, I was rather unsure of what this strange looking contraption was, it takes up all my space on the seats, feels similar to my dog bed & there's a little pouch with a bunch of toys & treats in? WHAT?!

I'm in!

Dog Car Hammock - The Safest Way for Your Dog to Travel

Little did I know, what a real treat this hammock actually is. No more sliding around everywhere and all over the show from one window to the next, I still do want to climb into my Alpha's lap, but ehhh....Do I really want to move from my treats & toys? I mean there's a big rubber ball in here & I can smell the chews through their box!

Not to mention, I can roll around as much as I want, shed as much as I deem fit and have to worry about my human moaning, when going to pick his girlfriend up (I did always try tell him to take me with)...

Anyway, I don't know what took my owner so long getting us one of these, as when he's done with it now, he simply folds it up and throws it in the boot, ready to be used the next time, making traveling in the car just that much easier.

Dog Car Hammock

I have a daycare and other pups to get back to, so I'll leave it there for the day.

Be sure to check these out and ensure the safety of all those in the car, next time you're traveling with your canine companion.



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